Grow Taller Faster with Yoga

Many people have heard of the popularity of yoga, and after seeing results in friends, it’s easy to see why.  What people don’t realize about yoga is that it can actually cause you to grow taller faster!  This is all the more reason to reconsider the popularity of all these yoga products and classes out there.

Yoga has many benefits besides helping you grow taller.

See, yoga isn’t simply a way to get the body you’ve always wanted, nor is it simply good for delivering a sense of calm and tranquility in a harried life.  Since it involves plenty of stretching, your spinal column and related muscles are in a better position to grow and loosen up.  Yoga is a great way to grow inches without drastic side effects.

Many are familiar with the basic movements, and the fluidity of motion that yoga uses to center the body.  Yoga allows your body to become flexible, and gives you control over your breathing.  Many don’t realize that your breathing helps you grow, and if not done correctly may stunt your  body’s progression in height.

Yoga genuinely helps people grow taller faster with the many stretching exercises, and strenuous positions you put yourself in.  This translates into a happy spine, since you develop complete range of motion.  This allows your body to fight against the constant pull of gravity, which works to compress the spine.  This downward pressure stunts your height.

These various stretching exercises will help your spinal cartilage, in that your many joints wind up elongating and thickening.  This type of growth in the spinal column will add to your overall stature.  Additionally, these exercises will assist you in keeping  your posture correct, which again is key to growing taller.

All of that leads to the specific exercises that yoga offers in order to help grow taller faster.  First on the list is Sukhasana.  This exercise enables your body to be more controlled at breathing, and in concert will tone your hips and your lower spine.

Try this to improve you chances to grow taller.

To do this exercise, begin on the floor, crossing your legs, placing your hands atop your knees.  Be sure to keep your back straight as you sit, and push your bottom to the ground as you lower the knees.  Once there, inhale 5 times, deeply, as you bring your arms up above your head.  Lower your arms as you release your breath, and repeat 5-7 times.

You can also try Trikonasana, but it’s a little more involved.  Begin with your legs about 3-ft. apart, and bring your left foot in a 90-degree rotation outward towards the left, with your right 45-degrees inward.  Take a deep breath as you raise your arms to your side, and breathe out as you turn your face to look along the length of your left arm.

From that point, inhale deeply and stretch in the direction of your left ankle, tilting your left hip downwards.  Once you’ve reached the most you can stretch, simply rotate both arms until you wind up with your left hand up against your inner leg at the calf, with your right arm pointing upwards.  The last bit is to breathe in deeply, making yourself straight again, breathing out as you bring down both of your arms.