Does Hiit exercise increase height?

Hiit is short for High-Intensity Interval Training, a combination of high-intensity interval exercises, also known as high-intensity cardio. Hiit can help with rapid weight loss and improving overall body functions. Furthermore, whether Hiit training can increase height is a concern that many people intending to train are seeking to understand. To get answers to this query, let’s delve into the article below.

Does Hiit exercise increase height?
Does Hiit exercise increase height?

Does Hiit training increase height?

Basic benefits of Hiit training include increased body endurance. Hiit not only burns calories but also continues to burn excess fat for many hours. Each session improves respiration and circulation, promoting metabolic processes. It stimulates the HGH hormone for flexible bodies and slows down the aging process, keeping the body agile.

These are the excellent benefits of Hiit training, but if it helps you increase your height, it would be even more amazing, wouldn’t it? Does Hiit training increase height? Let’s find the answer to this question in the article below.

Factors that determine a person’s height

Why do people who exercise at the same level have different heights? That’s because exercise is just one of the factors influencing your height. Let’s explore the following factors:

– Genetics: Genes influence 60-80% of your height. Height can be estimated using formulas such as:

+ Male height = [(mother’s height + 15 cm) + father’s height] / 2.

+ Female height = [(father’s height – 15 cm) + mother’s height] / 2.

– Gender: On average, males are about 3 cm taller than females. Boys start growing taller later than girls, but this also extends the period of height growth by over 2 years.

– Sports training: This is one of the factors directly affecting height. Exercise helps make muscles firmer, and joints and ligaments stronger, pushing the growth of cartilage layers to push the bones longer and stimulating growth hormones.

– Nutrition: Providing nutrition from an early age helps bones become strong and develop rapidly. In addition to essential nutrients, don’t forget to provide calcium, iron, and zinc for your child.

– Adequate sleep: Sleep is crucial for young children, especially those in their adolescence, as it is directly related to height growth. If there is deep and quality sleep, the growth hormone increases significantly. Additionally, sleeping in the right position will prevent bones from being compressed, hindering the growth process.

Does Hiit training increase height?

As we know, engaging in sports also helps in the development of height. Hiit is a discipline that is highly beneficial for young people who want to increase their height. Scientists have proven that Hiit training can support the rapid development of your height.

Hiit training helps boost the growth hormone, thereby supporting the activities of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Hiit exercises help strengthen bones, stimulate cartilage at the ends of bones to grow, and the generation of new cartilage layers helps the bones grow longer, thereby improving your height.

However, the impact of Hiit training and nutrition is only effective during the developmental age. Typically, from 18 to 20 years old, the process of bone lengthening stops, and there is almost no hope of getting taller.

Therefore, if you want to increase your height, during the 8-18 years of your body’s development, you should supplement enough nutrition and exercise to optimize your growth. If you want to train at the gym, you should have a personal trainer to guide you.

If you are past the developmental age of over 18, you should still enhance your Hiit training to help increase your height. If you cannot increase your height, you can be reassured that you can still exercise to keep your body healthy and strong.

Effective Hiit exercises to increase height

Jump rope and pull-up exercises are effective for increasing height for people aged 8-18. Here are some Hiit exercises that can help you increase your height:

Interval jump rope training

Jumping rope is a simple and easy-to-perform exercise. Jump rope exercises help maximize cardiovascular activity in a short period. Hiit training with interval jump rope exercises can burn excess fat throughout your body.

Execution guide:

– Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the ends of the rope on both sides, and let the rope behind your feet.

– Move your wrists and swing the rope forward to pass over your head, lowering to the knees.

– When the rope hits the ground, jump to let the rope pass through your legs and continue the process.

– Jump continuously 500-100 times in 1 minute to see how many times you can jump until you get tired and then stop.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a relatively easy exercise for those who are new to Hiit. It helps with muscle stretching, increases heart rate, and promotes blood circulation. As a result, it can reduce the risk of cramps during Hiit training.

Execution guide:

– Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms placed close to the body.

– Jump, spreading your legs apart to the sides, while simultaneously raising your arms over your head and clapping lightly.

– Return to the starting position and continue jumping.

– Perform Jumping Jacks (20 reps in 15 seconds for the first set), (30 reps in 30 seconds for the second set).

Hiit for leg muscle groups

If you want to improve your lower body, the following Hiit exercise sequence will impact the leg muscles, thigh muscles, and hips.

Execution method:

– Run with elevated thighs for 30 seconds.

– Running with elevated thighs serves as a warm-up before starting any exercise. It can be applied as a Hiit exercise when performed at an interval intensity. Running with elevated thighs helps burn thigh fat and also aids in height growth.

How to run with elevated thighs:

– Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart.

– Extend both arms forward, elbows at right angles, placed close to the waist, palms facing the ground.

– Run with elevated thighs, bringing the knees to touch the hands.

– Perform this movement for 30 seconds.

Jump Squats for 45 seconds

– The Jump Squat movement starts with a standing position, legs spread apart.

– Next, squat down, then jump back to the starting position.

– Repeat the Jump Squat movement for 45 seconds.

– Jumping leg switch for 30 seconds.

– First, stand in a position with one leg in front and the other leg behind, the front leg bent at the knee, and the back leg straight.

– Use force to jump and switch the position of the two legs, while swinging the arms alternately as if they were marching.

– Perform the jumping leg switch for 30 seconds.

Considerations when doing Hiit to increase height

To effectively increase height through Hiit exercises, proper nutrition plays a crucial role. It is recommended to supplement with vitamins A, C, and D to nourish the bones. Additionally, pay attention to the following points:

– Exercise each set for about 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then switch to another movement. Use a stopwatch and time the sets accurately for optimal results.

– Warm up thoroughly before exercising to avoid cramps, injuries, and muscle stiffness after the workout.

– For beginners, start with gentle intensity to get used to the exercises, then gradually increase the workout pace.

– Eat a light meal about 2 hours before exercising to provide energy for the body, and ensure to hydrate before and after the workout.

– Individuals with a history of high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid doing Hiit exercises.

The above information addresses the question of whether Hiit can increase height or not. The answer is yes, if you exercise with the right techniques and according to the appropriate age group. Even if you are over 18 years old, exercising can still be beneficial, helping you improve your overall health and achieve a more toned physique.


Does high intensity workout increase height?

High-intensity workouts, in general, do not directly impact height increase. Height is primarily determined by genetics and other factors like nutrition and overall health. While exercise, including high-intensity workouts, can contribute to bone health and proper posture, it does not directly influence height.

Which exercises increase height more?

There are no specific exercises that can significantly increase height after the growth plates have fused, which typically occurs around the end of puberty. However, exercises that promote good posture, stretching, and strength training can help in maintaining a good posture, which can give the illusion of being slightly taller.

Does intense exercise make you taller?

Intense exercise, on its own, does not make you taller. The potential for increasing height is determined by genetics and other factors, such as nutrition, sleep, and overall health. Exercise can help in maintaining proper posture, which may create the appearance of a taller stature, but it does not directly affect one’s height.

Does HIIT affect muscle growth?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can positively impact muscle growth and overall fitness. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest or lower-intensity activity. This type of workout can help build muscle mass and improve muscle endurance when combined with proper nutrition and sufficient rest. However, the specific effects can vary depending on individual factors such as fitness level, diet, and training regimen.


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