Does playing badminton increase height?

Badminton is a popular sport known to many and practiced for its numerous health benefits. So, does playing badminton actually contribute to an increase in height? Let’s delve into the following article by Grow Taller Plan to find the answer to this question!

Does playing badminton increase height?

Several studies have indicated that for optimal height development, engaging in sports that involve jumping and agility is beneficial. Therefore, badminton is considered one of the most effective sports for height enhancement.

During badminton training, coordination among the arms, legs, hips, joints, along with movements like jumping, twisting, and bending to hit and receive the shuttlecock are essential. This process helps in stretching muscles and bones, simultaneously stimulating better cartilage development.

Moreover, playing badminton offers various benefits to the body, including:

– Strengthening bone cell activity, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone-related ailments

– Improving and regulating heart rate and blood pressure

– Preventing cardiovascular diseases

– Reducing abdominal fat, enhancing body flexibility and agility

– Alleviating stress, promoting better sleep quality

Therefore, the answer to ‘Does playing badminton increase height?’ is affirmative. It is recommended to dedicate 45 to 60 minutes each day to badminton training to achieve a well-proportioned body along with an ideal height!

Does playing badminton increase height?
Does playing badminton increase height?

At what age is playing badminton for height growth suitable?

Badminton is a sport suitable for individuals of all ages, but there are specific age ranges ideal for playing badminton to enhance height.

– Playing badminton for height growth between 6 to 10 years old: Although 6 to 10 years old isn’t considered the prime age for height growth, it’s seen as an accumulation phase to prepare for the onset of puberty.

– Familiarizing and maintaining badminton training during this phase helps bones accumulate essential minerals that support better height development in later stages.

– Playing badminton for height growth during puberty: This is the golden period for body height development. Therefore, if you’re going through puberty or have children in this age range, actively engaging in badminton can promote bone mineralization and stimulate the growth hormone production, effectively aiding in height development.

– Playing badminton for height growth post-puberty: After puberty, height growth gradually slows down. However, it’s still possible to gain an additional 1-3cm per year by following a balanced diet and incorporating daily badminton training.

Best Practices for Playing Badminton to Increase Height

Does playing badminton increase height? It’s essential to understand that the effectiveness of playing badminton for height growth depends on how you play. Below are some guidelines on playing badminton for height increase correctly to achieve the best results:

Badminton Techniques

Playing badminton with proper technique not only optimizes height growth potential but also helps prevent unnecessary injuries during practice.

Some important techniques that need to be performed correctly for optimal results include: shuttlecock serving, smashing, dropping shots, etc. Each technique has its own rules that you should adhere to throughout your play.

The best way to practice the correct techniques is by joining a basic badminton class to gain a better understanding of the rules for each move.

Time and Training Frequency

Alongside mastering techniques, you need to organize a suitable training schedule. Too little training may not adequately impact your bones for height development, while excessive training over an extended period can put pressure on the bones, increasing the risk of bone cell damage.

It’s advisable to engage in badminton training for height increase for 45-60 minutes every day, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon. This time frame supports the best calcium metabolism for height development.

Points to Note When Playing Badminton for Height Increase

Does playing badminton increase height? To effectively improve body posture for height increase during training, consider the following:

– Proper rest: Getting adequate sleep before 10 PM and having at least 8 hours of sleep per day contributes significantly to the production of growth hormones by the pituitary gland, promoting optimal height development.

– Nutritional regimen: Nutrition significantly impacts overall body development. After playing badminton, your body will expend a considerable amount of energy. You should replenish your body with nutrient-rich foods like lean meats, shrimp, crab, fish, eggs, milk, etc., to swiftly restore energy levels. Additionally, consider supplementing with functional foods like calcium, vitamin D3, etc., to support maximum height development.

– Combine with other exercises: To enhance height development effectively, solely practicing badminton might not be enough. Combine various height-increasing exercises to target the entire body. Other sports such as swimming, jumping rope, running, etc., all positively impact height development.

Hopefully, this article has helped answer your question about whether playing badminton increases height. In reality, badminton is one of the sports recommended by many doctors and nutrition experts for height development. Start playing badminton today to experience the fantastic benefits this sport brings to your body!


Which sport increases height?

While no sport directly guarantees height increase, certain activities like basketball, volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics involve stretching, jumping, and overall body workouts that can potentially aid in height development during growth years.

What exercises increase height?

Exercises focusing on stretching and lengthening the spine, such as hanging exercises, yoga poses like cobra and downward-facing dog, pelvic stretches, and specific stretching routines targeting the legs, back, and core, can help in promoting better posture and potentially aid in height increase.

Is it an advantage to be tall in badminton?

Generally, being tall in badminton can offer some advantages, especially in reaching and covering a wider range of the court. Tall players might have more significant leverage in their shots and may cover the court more effectively. However, agility, speed, technique, and overall skill are also crucial factors for success in badminton, not just height.

Does badminton change body shape?

Engaging in regular badminton can positively impact body shape. It’s an aerobic exercise that burns calories, helping in reducing body fat and toning muscles, particularly in the legs, arms, and core. However, specific body shape changes might vary depending on individual genetics, diet, and overall lifestyle in combination with badminton practice.


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