Is it possible to increase height at the age of 35?

Many people reach the age of 35 before realizing the significance of height and hastily seek effective ways to increase it. Can height be increased at the age of 35? What are the quickest methods they continuously search for to boost height at this age? Is there still a way to improve stature for those aged 35? Let’s explore this with health and beauty in the following article.

Difficulties at Age 35 in Wanting to Increase Height?

Increasing height at age 35 is not just difficult; it’s almost impossible.

Height development occurs from fetal stages to around the age of 20. There are periods where growth spurts happen rapidly, such as during fetal development, the first three years of life, and puberty. However, after puberty, physical growth slows down gradually and halts around ages 18-20.

This is due to the growth plates at the ends of bones, which by ages 18-20, have mostly fused, attaching firmly to the bones and ceasing to produce further bone length. This is a natural law of physical development, not influenced by external factors. Therefore, increasing height at age 35 isn’t just difficult; it’s nearly impossible.

At the age of 35, in some individuals, bones may begin the aging process. Bone density starts decreasing, bone loss occurs in certain bone regions. Not only is further height unattainable, but signs of weakened bones, aging, and joint pains begin to manifest at this age.

Is it possible to increase height at the age of 35?
Is it possible to increase height at the age of 35?

Can You Increase Height at 35?

Naturally increasing height at the age of 35 is unfeasible. One can only endure pain and significant expenses by undergoing surgery to lengthen bones, thereby increasing height.

With this height-increasing procedure, one undergoes surgery to break the leg bones, installing specialized devices onto the legs. Each day, doctors adjust these devices to stimulate bone lengthening at a rate of around 1mm per day. Once the desired height is achieved, the device is removed, and the individual begins physical therapy for recovery.

Height-increasing surgery is suitable for individuals between the ages of 20 and 35. Theoretically, at age 35, one could still undergo this surgery. However, detailed health assessments are necessary to evaluate overall health and bone conditions to determine if the surgery can be performed safely and smoothly.

Although height improvement is possible through bone lengthening surgery, it carries numerous risks and potential dangerous complications. Additionally, the cost for such a procedure is exceedingly high, ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of Vietnamese dong, depending on whether it’s done domestically or internationally.

Therefore, this method is not recommended, especially for individuals at a relatively higher age like 35.

Hacks to Increase Height at Age 35?

While it’s not possible to naturally increase height at the age of 35, there are some hacks that can add apparent height without pain. Consider the following tips:

Experiment with Hairstyles

Choosing suitable hairstyles can give the illusion of 2-5cm additional height. For men, opting for a high quiff hairstyle creates a perception of a longer face and greater height. Women of age 35 with modest height can tie their hair up high to reveal the face or go for short haircuts to elongate the neck, creating an impression of taller stature.

Prioritize Body-Enhancing Clothing

Picking clothes meticulously can be an effective hack for boosting confidence in one’s appearance at age 35. For men, wearing matching colors for tops and bottoms, favoring darker shades like black, brown, or grey, and choosing well-fitted shirts, straight-legged pants, or vertically striped patterns, can create a flattering appearance.

Women at age 35 can create a youthful and trendy look by opting for crop tops and wide-legged pants. Pairing midi skirts with high-neck boots is also a stylish suggestion. During important events, choosing dresses that accentuate the waistline can make the waist appear slimmer and the legs longer.

Utilize Shoe Inserts and Heels

High heels are indispensable companions for women aged 35 with modest height. Opt for heels between 7-10cm to maintain body balance while ensuring ease of movement and safety. For men, heel inserts are also common, offering a lift of 3-7cm, depending on the shoe type. This is a quick and effective way to transform height and can be applied at any age.

Do Effective Height Growth Pills and Milk Exist for Age 35?

Height growth pills and milk supplements provide essential nutrients like Calcium, Collagen Type 2, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, aiding in bone growth and rapid height development. However, by age 35, growth plates at the ends of bones have fused into solid bone, ceasing further production. Even with beneficial nutrients, they can’t make bones elongate. Therefore, these products won’t be effective in increasing height but might contribute to stronger bones.

It’s not advisable to invest time and money in height growth pills or milk supplements at this stage. Embrace your current height and utilize effective height-hacking methods mentioned above to boost confidence in life.

Height typically stops developing by around age 20. Hence, it’s crucial to make the most of the time before turning 20 to work on improving height. Don’t let yourself regret having a shorter stature once you’ve crossed the age of 20.


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