Ways to Increase Height in a Day You Might Not Know

While genetics only play a 23% role, you can still achieve better height through a height-boosting diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and a healthy environment. Follow the article below from the Grow Taller Plan to discover 8 ways to increase height in a day that you should apply right away.

Ways to Increase Height in a Day You Might Not Know
Ways to Increase Height in a Day You Might Not Know

Go to bed early and ensure quality sleep

There are many ways to increase height in a day, especially during the growth phase, when bones are developing rapidly. Therefore, it’s advisable to go to bed early every day, preferably before 10 PM. This is because the period between 11 PM and 1 AM is considered the time when the body secretes the most growth hormone. Sleep is also the time when the body eliminates toxins, performs metabolism, and converts energy. So, try going to bed before 10 PM to ensure a good and quality sleep, providing maximum support for height growth.

Supplement necessary nutrients

– Ensure an adequate supply of calcium: Calcium is an essential mineral for height growth. High-calcium sources can be found in various foods, including seeds, salmon, mackerel, cheese, yogurt, lentils, almonds, green leafy vegetables, spinach, and many other foods. Make sure you provide enough calcium in your daily diet. Some types of plant-based milks fortified with calcium, such as soy milk, corn milk, almond milk, and hazelnut milk, should be preferred. Note that the nutrients in these milks not only support joint nourishment but also stimulate growth, so it’s recommended to consume a moderate amount daily.

– Ensure adequate protein intake: Protein is the body’s main building block and is crucial for muscle and bone development. Protein sources include eggs, chicken, oats, almonds, beef, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, tuna, bread, lentils, and many other foods.

– Ensure sufficient vitamin D supply: Vitamin D helps the body efficiently absorb calcium for bone building. You can get vitamin D from sunlight or through foods such as salmon, cod, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

Jogging in the morning

Jogging is one of the most effective ways to increase height in a day. It’s a gentle exercise but has a positive impact on growth. It stimulates the body to produce growth hormones and creates favorable conditions for bone development. Jogging also helps strengthen muscles, bone health, and stimulate bone growth. Jog regularly to maximize your height potential.

Have a balanced breakfast

Breakfast gives you enough energy to engage in activities throughout the day. Therefore, if you want to successfully increase height, don’t skip breakfast. In fact, invest more in breakfast, try to have a balanced breakfast with foods such as bread, cereal, eggs, bananas, pho, noodles, rice, and more.

Practice Single Bar Hanging in the Afternoon

The single bar hanging exercise is considered one of the best exercises to promote height. When performing this exercise, the body is pulled upward, helping release muscles and elongate bones. This exercise promotes the development of cartilage and creates favorable conditions for bone growth. Try this exercise to help children and adolescents grow taller. Here’s how to do the single bar hanging exercise that you can refer to:

– Start by warming up the relevant muscle groups, then use both hands to grip the bar and hang freely on it.

– Focus on exerting force on both hands to push yourself up until your chin surpasses the bar.

– Hold the position for about 2-3 seconds, then return to the hanging position.

– Rest for 30-60 seconds, then continue pushing yourself up.

– Initially, you can do 10-15 repetitions, gradually increasing to 30-50 as you adapt.

Cultivate Daily Posture Habits

Standing, sitting, and lying postures can impact bone and joint health as well as height growth. Therefore, ensure you maintain the correct posture to avoid bone and muscle compression. Maintain an upright posture, keep your head, neck, and back straight, and make necessary adjustments to avoid putting stress on the spine. Maintaining a proper posture is one of the ways to increase height that you should apply.

Avoid Using Addictive Substances

Some addictive substances like caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol not only harm overall health but can also inhibit height growth. You may not know that one of the reasons for stunted growth in children and adolescents is the bad habit of using these stimulants. Therefore, eliminate these habits to ensure that you are creating the best conditions for height development.

Keep a Positive Mental State

A relaxed mental state has positive effects on both health and development. Avoid stress and fatigue, as they can impact the growth process. Focus on comfort and maintain a positive mindset to create the best conditions for your development.

These are 8 ways to increase height in a day that you can apply to optimize height development. Note that these methods require serious dedication to ensure the expected improvement results. Therefore, your day should include a balanced and timely diet, 45-60 minutes of daily exercise or sports activities, posture adjustments, 8 hours of sleep, and going to bed before 10 PM. With these healthy lifestyle habits, children and adolescents can fully maximize their height potential.


How can I get taller ASAP?

Achieving significant height increases quickly is not realistic. However, you can focus on practices that support natural growth, such as maintaining a balanced diet rich in calcium and protein, getting adequate sleep, and engaging in regular exercise, particularly activities that promote good posture and bone health.

How can I increase my height in some days?

Height increase in a short period is not feasible. The growth process is gradual and occurs over an extended period. Practices like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting sufficient sleep, and incorporating exercises that stimulate growth may contribute to overall height development.

How to get taller at 24?

While the growth plates typically close by the age of 24, there are still lifestyle factors you can focus on to promote overall health and potentially maintain good posture. Ensure you have a balanced diet, engage in regular exercise that includes stretching and strengthening, and maintain proper posture in daily activities.

Can I grow 3 cm after 18?

Growth potential varies among individuals, and it’s challenging to predict exact outcomes. After the age of 18, the growth plates may have fused, limiting the potential for height increase. However, practices like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and exercises that promote good posture may contribute to overall well-being and could have some positive impact on appearance.


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